People Who Study Space

Astronomers are people who study the sky. They make a career out of studying the sky. Amateur astronomers look at planets, stars, and galaxies as a hobby. Astrophysics deals with the behavior and physical properties of all the objects in space. Cosmology studies the origin and structure of the universe itself. Scientists who study the sky use mathematics to predict the paths of planets, asteroids, and comets. Advanced forms of mathematics like chaos theory are used to describe the motions of galaxies and to explain the origins of the universe.
Astronauts who travel into space have backgrounds in physics, chemistry, medicine, and engineering. Mechanical engineers and electrical engineers design and build spaceships, probes, and space stations. People in all different fields of science study space and our place within it. Someday you may work in space, discover new information about the universe, or develop technology to be able to live on another planet!
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